Why Lutheran?

There are a dozen ways we could begin to answer the question “Why Lutheran?”  Some of them are funny (“Because we know how to serve up a great pot luck, and we sing all the verses to every hymn”).  Some of them are historical (“Because we are faithful heirs of the earliest Reformers”).  Some of them are musical or cultural; some of them are doubtless very personal.

However, the best answers are biblical in origin and theological in nature:

Like all Christians, we areTrinitarian and Incarnational.  That is, we believe that God is three in one and one in three:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We also believe that Jesus is God made flesh for the sake of the world.

With St. Paul, Augustine, Martin Luther and many others we joyfully confess that we are justified by grace through faith and not by our merit.  Or, to put it another way, God’s love for all of humanity as shown in Jesus means that we do not have to do anything to earn our salvation.  Indeed, we cannot: it is a gift that we receive in trust.

We “walk wet,” believing that through baptism we have died to our old selves and are raised as a new creation in Jesus.  We embrace two sacraments, baptism and communion, as means of grace whereby Christ’s love is uniquely present through the water, the bread and the wine.

We do not believe that we will ever reach a state of perfection in this life.  Rather, we know ourselves to be simultaneously saints and sinners.

Our lives as disciples are transformed by the love of Christ, our Lord, and we pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to tell to everyone we meet the good news of Jesus!

Why Lutheran?  Because we want the world to know and love Jesus, even as he knows and loves the world!