History of St John’s

In the years leading up to 1938, South Pottstown was a growing community and a neighborly village.  As houses were being built, many of the people felt the need for a church closer than those in Pottstown across the river.  With the help of Transfiguration Lutheran Church in Pottstown, the Transfiguration Mission Sunday School held its first session on September 11, 1938 on West Main Street.  Work continued towards a new congregation; and on February 19, 1942, St. John’s was officially begun.

On a lot on East Main Street presented by Joseph Haws, a new church building was begun.  The cornerstone was laid on October 13, 1943; and on Christmas Day in that same year the congregation held its first service in the church basement.  The completed church was dedicated on February 19, 1949.

At our 60th Anniversary Celebration, attended by Bishop Almquist, Pastor Susan Folks wrote the following:

Tonight we celebrate sixty years of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church as a gathered congregation in this place. In our neck of the woods sixty years is still considered on the young side! For us that is good, because even as we celebrate the years gone by, our celebration this evening is even more about the years ahead. We chose the colors gold and green for this event: the gold representing the Golden Years of our congregation, and the green representing the years of growth ahead of us.

“It has been ten years since our last anniversary celebration. I have been here just a little over half of that time. St. John’s has done some hard work during those years and we can much more clearly see the work of the Holy Spirit in this place. It is easy to measure growth in numbers, and we have had some of that, but it is much harder to measure spiritual growth. Our growth in faith has far surpassed the numerical growth.

“St. John’s truly has an understanding of what it means to be the Body of Christ in this place. We’re still learning more about it everyday, but we understand that to be faithful disciples of Jesus means that our whole lives are his. Living lives completely dedicated to God is what we are as the baptized children of God. Each day it becomes clearer and clearer that we take seriously the vows taken at baptism as we live out our mission together, saying, ‘We are St. John’s – inviting all to Come, See, Worship, Serve, and Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.’

“Thanks be to God!”

We rejoice that God has prospered us in this place.