St. John’s is located in North Coventry Township (South Pottstown), PA, at 75 East Main Street.  It is the only church on that small street, and parking spaces encircle the church.  Parking on the street is permitted.  Directions are below:

From High Street in Pottstown

Turn onto South Hanover Street (a left if coming from the east, a right if from the west).  Stay on Hanover until you cross over the railroad tracks and the river; take the second left onto East Main Street.

From Route 422 East

Take the Keim Street Exit.  Take the left at the top of the ramp; take the first left back onto 422 (West). Follow the directions below.

From Route 422 West

Take the Hanover Street exit; turn right at the bottom of the ramp. East Main Street will be the first right turn.